World watercolor group – September challenge – 30 simple pleasures – part 1

Hello everyone!

Sometimes we all need some inspiration. Though we can find tihis everywhere, sometimes it’s good to challenge us and draw what someone else suggest, so I will take part to the 30 simple pleasure – September challenge of the world watercolor group.

I really like this September challenge, because it’s all about the little pleasures of everyday life and this is exactly what we need to remember now, because it’s September, holidays and summer are over and most of us are maybe yet in stress. We tend to forget about the free time in summer and this challenge may remember us about our everyday pleasure again 🙂

I’m not sure at all if I will post every single day a new or maybe once a week and then explain what I’ve done. But this second option is more probable.

DAY 1 – A freshly made bed

I think I didn’t draw a bed since I was a child! As a young girl I really liked to draw part of the house, then I didn’t draw them any more. Maybe because I prefer to draw people then objects. Anyway, here is the fresh made bed:


Hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading!

Bye, your Elisa

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