The forest girl – portrait of a friend

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog.

Today I want to show you a portrait I’ve done for a friend of mine: She is a very particular girl who is very connected to nature and in particular to trees in a spiritual way. So I paint this  thinking about this affinity.


I remember once she told me that all trees are connected with each other through their roots. This is very fascinating to me, because through such a contact they can merge their energy and heal each other. They communicate with each other!
Even scientific studies have proven this: they communicate thanks to fungi, in something called “mycorrhizal associations”. They can also connect to plants which are far away! Maybe this mushrooms-communication could sound not so romantic, but I find it very interesting and fascinating. Also because there is much more to discover than what we see when we walk into the woods. There is another world under our feet.

As I was painting the portrait I thought about this connection and how I could reflect this in my work.

First I made some rough sketches, to understand how the trees could intertwine and form the face. theforestgirl2Then I made a sketch of her face and at least a sort of line art with a grid, to be sure the proportion of the face are right. theforestgirl1As you can see from this second sketch, I don’t really need a grid to make a portrait, but I need it for such particular work, because this isn’t a classical portrait. You can maybe imagine that draw a face with trees could be more tricky than a “normal” drawing.


This is a watercolor study. I’ve used a payne’s grey, a color which I love, but I noticed that it doesn’t match with the idea I had and that it doesn’t fit at all with my friend. So I decide to take other colors, warmer than this grey and not to make a monochrome work (which was my original Idea, but then I noticed that I didn’t like it). Still I really loved the details and how watercolor is perfect to draw the intersection of the tree limbs.

If you are interested into see the entire painting process you can see the video here on my channel.

I hope you like it and that it was inspiring for you. Let me know what do you think about it!

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  1. This is a very beautiful and unique painting!


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