Steampunk Spring Fairy |Do you still like your old drawings?

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog.

Today I want to share with you a painting I’ve done a couple of years ago and then “forgot” it. I was cleaning my hard disk and then found it again.

Steampunk fairy, fantasy creature

For this artwork I was inspired by one of my favorite artist on deviantart, S-t-a-r-gazer.

It is surprising how sometimes, when we look at our old works, we find them still very good and some other times very bad. It reminds me about a topic I told about with some other artist: if we are not really satisfied with our artwork, we should wait and look back at it again in a few months. If we still like it, then it’s a good work, at least for us, in that time at that age! That’s why, if we practice continuously, we are better at drawing or painting after a few months, even if we don’t notice it.

I would say that it is very important to look at our old works back, because we can notice how much better we are now but also to see what to change and improve.

In my work Steampunk fairy I still like the choose of the colors and how I paint the skin and the natural elements, like the flower crown and the water.

What I would do better now are the overall details and some parts of the dress (like the shoes).

What do you think about it? What do you like in this work and what would you do better?
Do you have some old works you still like? I would really enjoy if you want to share them with me, you can link to them in the comment

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