OH NO! IT`S MONDAY | Monday warm up | Sketch: the girl with the dragon tattoo

Hello everyone and welcome back 🙂

First of all, I want to wish you a joyful and productive Monday.

I know, everyone hates Mondays… and until a couples of weeks ago I was one of them. What’s changed? My state of mind. I started to think about what I can do to improve my productivity and I realized that being like “oh no, it’s Monday” won’t bring me forward. So I started to look at Mondays like an opportunity: a new week is beginning and I can do a lot of things I love, even at work, and I can start new projects and so on.

Girl with dragon tattooGirl with dragon tattoo sketches

I thought a wonderful way to start the week is drawing. Sketch something and “warm up”, preparing for the day and for the week. I often sketch (as everyone who likes to draw) when I have a new idea or to have new ideas or references to draw in the future. Last week I was painting a sort of water monster – mermaid and I had a lot of fun drawing and painting the scales on her fishy tail and I thought it would be funny to draw a dragon, but since I always draw people (I really enjoy drawing persons) I started sketching a girl with a dragon tattoo. Actually the original idea was to draw a Chinese girl, and I think I will draw it the next time.

Girl with dragon tattoo sketches

I would like to post such sketches every Monday, as motivation for me and maybe for you too. Please let me know what do you think about. If you like the sketches, write me a comment, and if you don’t like them, write a comment too 😉

oh_no_it's_monday_the girl with the dragon tattoo


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