Woman with dragon tattoo

Hello everyone!

This time I choose to paint the sketch I’ve done on Monday (if you don’t know what I mean maybe you like to give a look at this article).

I really enjoyed to draw the sketch, so I thought it were fun to realize a version in watercolor and ink and it was 🙂
This was also a good exercise since I could try some things I never drawn before like tattoos, or I didn’ t drawn often, like dragon and scales. If I think about this, I find very strange that I didn’ t draw often dragons because they are really cool and also funny to draw and paint. I think it was just because I always prefered to draw something else which I love much more.
Anyway I had a lot of fun painting the scales of the dragon on the background but I didn’t like much how I’ve done the tattoo and I realize that I have to practice more on painting tattoos.


I could excercise with painting on a sheet which is not for watercolors: it was very difficult to “stretch”  the paper every time it needs to dry, but I did it! yeeeahh XD
And last but not least I could improve my skills at combining watercolors with watercolor pencils and watermarkers. In the last time I start to appreciate the watercolor pencils and markers: for a long time I didn’t like much the watercolor pencils and I didn’t like at all the markers. I guess I just find my way to paint with them, since I’ve tryed to follow the instruction on how to use them, but It didn’ t work very well and then, as always, I just started to do what I think is better for me and it worked and now I like them.

Thank you for reading 🙂
See you soon! I wish you all a nice weekend!
your Elisa



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