About me

I’m Elisa and I’m a self-employed illustrator, painter and web designer from Italy.
I studied art and paintings at the Fine Art Accademy in Rom, Italy.  After graduating I moved to Berlin, Germany and I started to work in Art Galleries and Offices for web design until I found my way as a self-employed illustrator and web designer.

I like to get inspired from the fantasy world, but I also like to bring it in touch with the real world. This blog is a way, for me, to do that. It’s my portal between the fantasy and the reality, like Alice’s mirror (“Through the looking glass”), but in a different way, since this is not a try to escape the reality, but to bring fantasy in the reality. That’s why this blog’s called “Elisa in Normalland” and not “Elisa in Wonderland”.

If you like my work and want to hire me, or just want to tell me something, feel  free to contact me!

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